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Middleton, WI

Yes, We're Local!

Local Dryer Vent Cleaning and Dryer Repair Services Experts in Middleton, WI

Middleton, known for its vibrant community and scenic landscapes like Pheasant Branch Conservancy, also faces its share of appliance disruptions. When your dryer isn’t performing as it should, Dryer Doctors is your go-to team in Middleton, Wisconsin, ready to restore efficiency and peace to your household.

Contact our Madison location serving Middleton

5555 Odana Road
Suite 102
Madison, WI 53719

In the heart of Middleton, where daily convenience meets community charm, Dryer Doctors is ready to fix any dryer and vent system issues you come run into. With our local expertise and swift service, we ensure your dryer runs smoothly without interrupting your lifestyle.

Expert dryer repair and dryer vent maintenance

Our team is committed to taking care of your appliance troubles swiftly and efficiently, whether it’s routine dryer vent cleaning services or urgent dryer repair.

At Dryer Doctors, our technicians are highly skilled and trained to handle various dryer issues using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts whenever available. 

Dryer Problems We Repair:

Our team addresses a wide range of dryer complication, including:

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Maintaining your dryer vent is important for the safety of your home and dryer efficiency. We clean:

  • Lint build-up
  • Blockages in the vent line
  • External vent openings
  • Connected exhaust paths
  • …more!

We clean everywhere lint builds. See the full list of areas we clean.

We need your model number.

IF YOU ARE SCHEDULING DRYER REPAIR, we will need your model number.
Most dryers have parts numbers on one of the following locations:

Diagram: Where to find your dryer's model number

Appliance Brands We Service

We specialize in repairs for most major dryer brands available in the market. Whether you’ve purchased your unit recently or years ago, our knowledgeable team can handle:

Middleton's Choice for Dryer Solutions

Middleton residents trust Dryer Doctors for comprehensive dryer repair and vent cleaning services. Our local team is ready to bring your dryer back to optimal performance with quick, effective solutions tailored to your needs. Don’t let appliance issues disrupt your daily life.

Get started today. Contact us to schedule your service. Trust Dryer Doctors to care for your appliances as much as you do. Call or book online—we’re here to help!