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Clothes Dryer & Vent Cleaning Process

We Clean EVERYWHERE Lint Accumulates

Burnt dryer

No Laughing Matter!

Dryer vents DO NOT have to be totally plugged to impact dryer performance. In some dryer vents, a ¼-inch build-up of lint can cause the machine to work 40% harder. The amount of lint build-up it takes to affect your unit depends on a range of factors.

If needed, we perform a complete and thorough cleaning of both your clothes dryer and
dryer duct or vent system. We do not cut corners. We allow 90 minutes for every
appointment in order to allow ample time to get the job done right.

Our dryer cleaning services include an inspection and cleaning of the:

  • Entire vent that leads to the exterior of the home
  • Outside exhaust outlet
  • Transition hose / vent
  • Booster blower (if applicable)
  • Lint trap housing
  • Interior cabinet duct
  • Interior fan blower
  • Motor
  • Cabinet and other components
  • Floor beneath the dryer
  • Wall behind the dryer
  • Washer hoses

Our Service Pays For Itself

A thorough cleaning reestablishes proper air flow through both the machine and dryer vent. Your dryer will reach optimum operating temperatures, consume less energy, experience less operating stress, and last longer. 

Our Rates

Rates vary depending on dryer difficulty, outside access to wall outlet, etc.

Don’t Take Our Word For It. Take Theirs.

“Lint begins to accumulate inside a dryer chassis upon first use. Lint accumulates inside a dryer even with properly vented exhaust ducting and with a properly maintained lint screen. Lint accumulates on the dryer’s components, including the heater and the dryer floor. Seals in the dryer’s interior exhaust venting may not be adequate to prevent linty air from escaping into the dryer’s interior.” 

Consumer Product Safety Commission 2003 Clothes Dryer & Lint Ignition Report

Dryer Vent Cleaning Overview

dryer with lint

It Starts Here…

Observe the charred lint being lifted from the top of the dryer’s heating element. (We removed the drum to view components.) 

U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), “The most likely items to ignite first are clothing near the dryer, as well as dust, fiber, lint, etc. This can be any place that collects dust and lint, such as within the dryer chassis, on the lint screen, around the dryer…”

So We Start Here…

We start by inspecting the entire dryer. Some dryers require technicians to open the machine to gain access to the components. Our staff is trained to perform this service. We then inspect venting that connects from the back of the machine to the outdoors. We perform needed work then we show you we performed to ensure complete satisfaction.

Where is the heat?

Dryer fires can occur even if the dryer vent is clean. A partially or fully plugged vent reduces required air flow, which may cause the dryer to run at higher temperatures. When that occurs, build-up inside the dryer ignites first. Only a trusted dryer repair professional who understands dryer performance should service your unit. They will know that even if the machine appears clean, trapped lint can still exist.

lint filled dryer vent

The Dryer Vent

We clean the entire dryer vent system which begins at the wall or ceiling inlet and terminates on the outside wall or roof of the building.  We also clean the wall or roof exhaust outlet.