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Dryer Vent Cleaning
For Condos, Apartments, and Businesses

We will meet your budget requirement while not compromising safety.

Maintaining safety protocols for your business or multi-unit buildings can be a challenge. We understand those challenges and have worked with numerous organizations to implement a Dryer Safety Service Protocol for their facilities. We offer an affordable turn-key process for condos, apartments, and other multi-unit buildings that satisfies the management, residents, or associations involved. We will work with your organization to find the right service option that satisfies your budget requirements.

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Why Clean?

“Lint begins to accumulate inside a dryer chassis upon first use. Lint accumulates inside a dryer even with properly vented exhaust ducting and with a properly maintained lint screen. Lint accumulates on the dryer’s components, including the heater and the dryer floor. Seals in the dryer’s interior exhaust venting may not be adequate to prevent linty air from escaping into the dryer’s interior.”

Consumer Product Safety Commission Clothes Dryer & Lint Ignition Report

Beneath Drum Before/After

Vent Before

lint buildup in a dryer vent

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