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Dryer Doctors Service Areas

We offer dryer vent cleaning services to single family homes, condominiums, apartments, and businesses.
We offer group discounts for organizations.  

If We Don’t Service Your Area…

 If we do not service your area, we perhaps can direct you to one or provide a resource for you to find one. In some areas when you search dryer vent cleaning near me, or, dryer repair near me, a reliable company is hard to find.   Feel free to submit an online form with your request and our friendly staff will do their best to assist.  We do refer some companies outside our area.  Another Source through which many find a dryer service company is through manufacturer websites.  Since we do not enroll in manufacturer warranty programs, you will not find Dryer Doctors repair or vent cleaning services listed on their websites. We only perform service on units that are no longer under warranty.