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GE Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Our Dryer Service Specialists are Topnotch Kenmore Cleaning Technicians in Wisconsin

We offer reliable dryer vent cleaning service for GE dryers for parts of Dane and Jefferson counties in Wisconsin. Our Dryer Doctors service team is the finest in the state. 

Our customer service team is available 8AM to 4PM Monday through Friday to assist you in scheduling service.

Customer Service
Friendly, family owned, and ready to help the moment your reach out.
Attention to Detail
No Hurry! We commit 90+ minutes for every cleaning.
We protect property with safety equipment, floor coverings, and mats.
Top level service technicians you’ll tell your friends about!
We will re-clean your system at no charge if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

GE Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Doctors has a mission to make dryers safer, which is why we provide thorough dryer vent cleaning services for both your GE dryer and venting system. Clogged or partially blocked dryer vents can slow down the dry cycle. The lint build-up reduces air flowing through your dryer and out of your home via the dryer vent, which can lead to wear and tear on your machine. Periodic dryer duct cleaning not only helps improve dry times, but can also reduce the chance of fire.

Customers sometimes complain about lint getting stuck in the exhaust outlet on the roof or side of their home, or are concerned with birds or chipmunks entering.   This is common with many brands, including GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore and others.

Our GE dryer vent cleaning technicians are prepared to adjust or replace the exhaust outlet, if it is warped, damaged, or is non-compliant with local building codes. Our replacements keep out varmints and do not include a screen that oftentimes plugs with lint. For more details, please see our dryer vent cleaning process and read our frequently asked questions..

We provide dryer vent cleaning for residential homes, apartments, condos and businesses. We offer group discounts to organizations.

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